Arjan Geers

Arjan among frailejones in the Los Nevados National Natural Park in Colombia

I am a Software Engineer at Planet where we use space to help life on Earth.

After studying Physics at the University of Amsterdam, I did a PhD in Computational Biomedicine at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. My research focused on the modeling of blood flow in brain arteries and understanding the role of blood flow in the development and treatment of aneurysms. Here is a list of my publications.

I then joined an Earth Observation startup in Edinburgh, where I led a team of software developers and data scientists. We built solutions that helped our users gain insight from satellite imagery and other geospatial data to monitor and intervene in natural and human-made disasters.

After a year of traveling through South America and Japan, I returned to the Netherlands and joined VanderSat - which later became Planet - as a Software Engineer, developing satellite data products for monitoring the global water and food crisis.

You can reach me on Twitter, GitHub, or by email at